Friday, July 03, 2009


Happy July 4th for tomorrow, to my American friends!

Of course we don't celebrate it over here - well, actually we do. In recent years we've decided to join in the fun and there are little local celebrations going on in various parts of the country. In my own village there's going to be an 'American themed' day tomorrow to celebrate, so i'm looking forward to that. Anyway, I've decided to extend the date of my 'Children Of The Mist' contest until Midnight July 4th. Here are the details.

Tamarith, the heroine of 'Children Of The Mist' loves flowers and butterflies (Yes, even in the cold air of Niflheim there are butterflies) I happen to know she has a pretty and colourful butterfly garland hanging over the window of her favourite room - and you could win one just like it, to hang in a conservatory, garden room or a bedroom to enjoy the wonder of the natural world even when you are inside.

  • 8 Butterflies
  • Crafted from dyed and painted feathers
  • Plastic chord
  • Decorated with glass beads
  • Glass crystal weight at the bottom
In addition I'll give the winner a $6 Wild Rose Press Gift Token

What do you have to do to win this?

Watch the video for 'Children Of The Mist' here and tell me
what it is that Tamarith may always yearn for
? Then email me with the correct answer at
by Saturday 4th July. I'll announce the winner as soon as possible after the 4th July!

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