Monday, July 20, 2009

Yes, Professor has hit the ARe Bestseller list for American Historicals!

has hit the BESTSELLER list in

Historical American Romance at All Romance eBooks!!

I'm quite thrilled.

Rating: HOT - American Rose Novella

Here's a tease:

"Miss Winters," a stern voice tore Patience away from the reminiscence of two years past and she went crashing into the reality of Headmaster Richmond's sharp, eviscerating gaze.

Two years had passed.Two years in the same lavishly appointed office with a man that maddened her every thought and sensibility.

Two years of yearning and dreaming and trying to say only proper things.

How on earth had she withstood it? She had no idea.

But she was leaving tomorrow and she had to find a way to stay.

"Ms. Winters," the Professor called again across the room, his intoxicating voice drawing her back into the present moment, two torturous years since.

"Yes, Professor," she replied softly.


And it only gets HOTTER from there...

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Tori Anne

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