Friday, June 14, 2013

Cry Against the Wind- new historical from Fleeta Cunningham

Santa Rita Series

Audrey Anderson needs help. A troubled young woman has accused her father, a high school counselor, of rape. Audrey is determined to uncover the truth. She needs Hal Lindstom. But they have history. Getting involved with "The Viking" as he's known in the legal world, could save her father...and break her heart.

Hal made the mistake of losing Audrey when he chose to pursue his career rather than follow his heart. But he's learned to fight for truth, including getting Audrey to admit she still cares. It will take all he has, but he's determined to find the evidence to clear Audrey's father and uncover the passion between them to win her love.

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 356
Word Count: 96202
978-1-61217-778-6 Paperback
978-1-61217-779-3 Digital


“I…I don’t…” Audrey began.

“Socialize with clients? But I was a friend before I was a client.” The smile behind his beard flashed. “And I really need your advice. Besides, I’d like to know more about the town and what goes on here. It would be the best arrangement for me. Can’t you manage dinner?”

Everything about the bronze giant with the russet beard urged her to accept. Audrey remembered their numerous confidential chats and the camaraderie of her college days. She’d looked forward to her tedious hours in the library because of his companionship. It made professional sense to renew their previous friendship. Hal Lindstrom would be a good client to add to her business, and without her his library could be in terrible shape before he realized it.

“I’d enjoy it,” she answered at last.

“It’s a date.” He listened a minute as the lilt of a familiar tune filled the hall. “Give me this waltz.

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