Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rogue's Revenge-New Contemporary Romance

Youthful dreams of romance shattered, Allison Armstrong is a hard-nosed businesswoman with no illusions of happily ever after for her future. Then her grandfather's will leaves her bound in a property settlement to the very man who destroyed her teenage fantasies. She has no interest in the remote land and wants to sell it off. Yet with all the legal resources at her disposal, Allison can't escape the web of the will's provisions.

Heath Oakes was just a skinny teenager from the city the last time he saw Allison. Now he's just as determined to maintain the estate as a natural preserve as Allison is to get rid of it to developers. Hoping to alter her opinion, he shanghais her into a canoe voyage through the wild, pristine beauty of the area.

Will the beauty of untouched wilderness help her heart remember the sweetness of stolen teenage kisses?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 206
Word Count: 51915
978-1-61217-791-5 Digital


“I’ve shanghaied you.” He put aside his paddle, picked up the canteen, and took a swallow before recapping it.

“Kidnapped, you mean.” Outrage surmounted all her previous emotions.

“No, shanghaied.” He plunged his paddle deep, sending the canoe to the right to avoid a rock. “You’ll be working your passage.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. And for future reference, what did you do while I was out cold?” she raged.

“Loaded you into a sleeping bag and this canoe.” He kept his eyes focused over her head, at the river beyond. “Check your clothes if you’re concerned. I’ve never been turned on by an inebriated woman.”

“I was not inebriated, you backstreet slim. Ouch!” Her outburst brought on a pounding ache above her eyes. She caught her head between her hands. “Take me back to the Lodge right now! Otherwise, I’ll have you charged with kidnapping!”

“Really? I’m shaking in my boots. You’ll feel better after you’ve had a couple of aspirin and some lunch.”

“Don’t you dare laugh at me!” She clenched her fists and sucked in her lips. “I’m deadly serious!”

“Well, then, that’s too bad. Because I can’t take you back. We’re a good six miles downriver from the Lodge, deep into roadless wilderness, and with the force of the freshet that’s pushing us, a superhero couldn’t paddle us back upstream.” He dipped his paddle deep and nosed the canoe to the left.

“Hang on,” he ordered. “We’re heading into rapids.”

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