Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Dipping in a Toe - New Contemporary Romance

Jessa Landers has a crush on her teens' swim coach but is hoping no one notices. On her own following her husband's death three years ago, she's managing her life and enjoys her freedom--except for those long, lonely evenings when she craves the company of an attentive man.

Coach Rick Grant loves his job as high school teacher and volunteer swim coach. But being surrounded by other people's families has him yearning for a romantic connection of his own. His attraction to Jessa has grown with each swim match, and he's finally ready to make his move.

Rick is spontaneous, energetic, and years younger. When he declares his obvious romantic interest, his take-charge attitude pushes the boundaries of Jessa's controlled world. Will she protect the balance of her family life, or take a second chance on love?

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 46
Word Count: 10787
978-1-61217-834-9 Digital


As if pulled by an invisible thread, my gaze went to the tall, fit man with the ever-present clipboard in one hand and a stopwatch in the other. Normally, an adult wearing tropical-print board shorts and a faded T-shirt appeared to cling with desperation to his youth. Instead, Rick Grant wore the attire as a soldier would a medal of honor—like he’d earned the right to promote a decade earlier Hawaiian surfing competition.

Maybe he had. The image of his tan, lean body balancing on top of a surfboard flittered through my mind. I pictured him, thinner but still muscular, body sparkling with water droplets, wavy hair streaked with blonde highlights, outlined against a cerulean blue sky. Wonder if he wore a goatee back then? But who was I kidding? This guy was several years younger than I. A heartfelt sigh escaped.

Christy stopped in her ascent up the metal bleachers, glanced over her shoulder, and cocked her head. “You okay?”

Caught. I whirled toward the tiered viewing area and set a foot on the lowest step. “I’m fine. Where do you want to sit?” Heat burned my cheeks. I held my long hair away from my face and ducked my head, pretending the need to focus on placing my wedge sandals on each step. I didn’t want the other mothers to learn about my pathetic infatuation with the swim coach.

An infatuation I kept telling myself was wrong. Didn’t I have enough to do between my paralegal job, keeping up the house, managing the kids’ activities, and arranging visits with their grandparents? How could I possibly add dating to this hectic lifestyle?

Even if by some wild chance the man in question were to show interest…

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