Friday, June 07, 2013

In the Arms of an Earl - New Historical Romance

Composer Frederick Blakeney lost his hand in the war against Napoleon and has given up on finding someone who will love him as he is. Jane Brooke, an insecure spinster, dreams of meeting her true love and being swept away from a mundane life. A chance encounter and their love of music bring them together. Life is perfect until Frederick inherits an earldom and its responsibilities, throwing them into the intrigues of the Ton and the cruel manipulations of his meddling sister-in-law.

When mistrust and gossip tear them apart, Jane discovers the truth too late. Can they confront their doubts and follow their hearts to claim the love they deserve?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 394
Word Count: 98915
978-1-61217-806-6 Paperback
978-1-61217-807-3 Digital


“I pity Mr. Parker that his kiss was not more…inspiring and memorable.”

She didn’t know if he was teasing but laughed a little despite her remembered shame. “If his was the ideal of what a kiss ought to be, I don’t think I’ve missed much.”

The thrum of his pulse raced from his fingers to hers.

“And how was this infamous kiss performed?”

The fading sunlight gave her cover from his gaze. “It was…all over the place. His lips felt like a scurrying mouse, and I was the cheese.”

His rich laugh filled the air. “Show me.”

Without hesitation, she lifted his hand and imitated the kiss as best she could, though the first touch of his skin against her lips jolted her senses. Suddenly embarrassed, she released his hand and twisted her fingers in her skirt.

“It was like that.”

The amused look left his eyes.

“This is how it should have been,” he murmured.

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