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A Little Legal Luck by Georgie Lee - Bookspotlight

Wild Rose Press Book Spotlight.

A Little Legal Luck
by: Georgie Lee


On St. Patrick’s Day, the last thing paralegal Lisa Brennan needs is another lawyer in her life, but when handsome attorney Daniel Wilson shows he’s a sweetheart in an industry of sharks, she’s intrigued. Daniel is impressed by the pretty paralegal and her desire to succeed despite a bad job, but with the pressure of running his own firm, does he have time for a relationship? Thrown together in the jury pool, Lisa must overcome her prejudices about attorneys to trust Daniel and get lucky in love.


“I’m hoping St. Patrick smiles on me today and I get picked for a trial.” Lisa laughed, finding the stranger’s upbeat mood infectious. “I’d kiss a lot of blarney stone to get out of work for a few days.”

He leaned forward, dropping his voice. “Then we must be the only two people here eager to do our patriotic duty.”

Glancing around the room at the bored women watching the morning show on the large overhead TVs and the college students absorbed in their i‑whatevers, she had the distinct feeling they were in the minority. “You want to serve?”

“I’m a lawyer, I know how important jurors are to the system.”

Her body tensed and the muscles in the back of her neck tightened.

Not all lawyers are like Lou, she reminded herself, taking a deep breath and forcing herself to relax.

Thankfully, he didn’t seem to notice her unconscious reaction as he held out his hand, and smiled, revealing perfect white teeth. “Daniel Wilson.” She grasped his hand, her skin tingling as his long fingers curled around hers.

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