Friday, March 28, 2014

Holding Off for a Hero - looking for an HEA

Author Interview with Frasier MacKenzie, hero of “Holding Off for a Hero.”

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Author Gail MacMillan:
Hello, Frasier. I understand you’re miffed about my sending heroine Emma Prescott to live in the cabin next to yours in the wilderness of Loon Lake. Would you care to explain?

 You do recall she had a bachelorette party the first week she lived beside me complete with music blasting

until 3:00 a.m. and male stripper who just happened to be her friend. Why did you have to move that woman up there to live? Oh sure, she’s beautiful, she’s bright, she’s funny, she’s fearless. She’s everything a man could want in a woman…except that she’s got this notorious love ‘em and leave ‘em reputation…which blows it for me. She’s left a train of broken hearts a mile long behind her and the irony of it is, these guys still think she’s wonderful.
Furthermore, she’s been nothing but trouble from page one. She and her Pug keep me constantly rescuing her from one scrape after another. From skunks to bears, they stumble into one mess after another. Good thing I’m around to save her sexy little hide. Not so sure about that Pug.

Finally Miss Emma tells me the reason for the men in her past. Apparently she’s holding off for a hero…a genuine fight-for-the- right, always-brave-and strong-and-caring hero. Some kind of Hercules with a tender side. Well, lady, let me tell you…I’m not about to become Mr. October on her calendar of try-outs and I’m pretty darned sure I won’t turn out to be her hero, what with her making all kinds of disparaging remarks about my job of hunting down the illusive eastern panther as a waste of government funds.

So end of the line for Emma and me, right? Even if she hadn’t broken dozens of hearts, it could never work…not with her annoying Pug scrambling to turn my German shepherd guard dog into a big, playful pup and getting into one mess after another. So you see, lady, you’d better move Emma Prescott out of that mountain cabin and let me get on with my life.

There’s no way you’re going to pull a happily ever after out of this no-win situation!


Ashantay said...

This book sounds like a hoot and a half! Love the interview with your hero- great fun.

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