Thursday, March 20, 2014

Heaven On Earth Book Spotlight

Clean Romance from The Wild Rose Press

Heaven On Earth
by Lori Avocato

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She needed the solitude of the ocean to think, the warmth of the sun to soothe her confusion, and the speed of pushing a motorboat to its limit to face the toughest decision of her life. Captain Maddy Harrington needed peace of mind to decide if she should continue her lifelong dream of being an Air Force officer. But what she got was a man washed up on shore. A man — a gorgeous man — who didn’t even know his name but thought he’d found HEAVEN ON EARTH. Will Maddy ever find that solitude, or will it even matter once her heart, her feelings for him, get involved?


He felt lips on his--soft, warm lips--and tasted something. Chocolate? Yeah, and mint. He needed to see where he was, so he blinked. But his eyelids--too tired to open--fought him. A forced sigh filled his lungs and, determined, he blinked again. After several tries, the blurring cleared to reveal dark violet irises a few inches from his face, looking toward him. His eyelids cooperated and opened. He'd never seen anyone with violet eyes before, except in the movie Cleopatra. Blond hair with golden streaks, darkened as if wet, fell over one eye as a woman hovered over him.

"Damn," he mumbled.

He blinked a few more times to see her staring at him, her face like an angel's--a beautiful angel--only a few inches away. So this must be Heaven, he thought. A peaceful feeling swept throughout him, but he didn't remember seeing any ray of bright light like people who were supposedly brought back from the dead talked about. But yellow beams of sunlight glared into his eyes, causing the angel to silhouette against the azure sky. He smiled to himself, enjoying the serene moment. Nothing to fear about dying; no, it was painless and tranquil. Dying was peaceful--but tiring. Hell, with angels like her, this was going to be a great place. When his eyes opened fully, he saw her clearly. "Is this Heaven?" he asked.

"Thank God you're alive." The angel glared for a second to be sure. ", this isn't Heaven..."

"Damn, I thought I led a pretty good life. You mean--I'm in...Hell?" A pain shot through his temple as he tried to smile.

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