Monday, March 17, 2014

Calling In Old Debts by Kacey Mark

Calling In Old Debts
Kacey Mark

I guess I could consider myself a luck junkie.
I still remember when I was about ten, calling my mother in the middle of her work day and insisting that I speak with her.

I was jumping out of my skin with excitement and scarcely able to speak because we had just gotten an OFFICIAL letter from Publisher's Clearing House that said we may have just won a MILLION dollars!

I don't think I ever lost that enthusiasm. Even though the grand prize has yet to fall into my waiting hands.

My bestest boy and I have a standing tradition, where we make a trip, once a month, to buy a lottery ticket.

Just one. Because we only need one. The WINNING one. We spend the entire drive, down and back, planning out how we are going to spend our winnings.

I felt the same way when I published my first novel. I didn't need more than one. I only needed the award-winning, best-selling one.

Please understand, I don't mean to be naive or boastful.
Just hopeful. For me, it's fun to chase good luck.

This past weekend, my bestest boy and I made several trips to the basement to put away last season's decorations, and to bring out what little St. Patrick's day stuff we had.

With a sagging, half-filled plastic bag in hand, my gaze wandered. I searched for something, anything, I could add to the cheery, Irish tradition of luck, love, and kisses. Something that would help my family look forward to another magical holiday.

And there it sat.

Our enormous Halloween cauldron.
"That would make a great pot of gold!" I exclaimed.
Then faltered, "But...we don't have any gold."

We brainstormed most of the morning away, about what we could fill it with. What could we put in there to assume the look of gold.
Ultimately we found a better idea.
A sign.An I O U.

My best boy and I set to work. We're great at chasing luck, but we're also becoming master do-it-yourself-ers when it comes to the smaller dreams. We spent the entire day fabricating our sign from scratch.
Cutting, sanding, painting, stenciling!

In the end, the sign turned out a bit vague. "Would people understand it?" we asked each other.
Who holds the gold? The leprechaun or us?
Who owes who here?!

The Leprechaun still holds the gold, but we've got the pot. I guess if he decides to fill it, I won't complain. We are overdue for a little good fortune after all that hopefulness. And after chasing good luck for this many years, surly that ole' leprechaun's itty bitty legs must be getting tired.

But when my boy tenderly added the finishing touch, a fine dusting of gold glitter, I realized...
The chase is worth more than the gold could buy.

I haven't won the lottery, but all those precious miles back and forth are worth more than a private jet that would fly in a fraction of the time.

I don't have an award winning book, but I do have a published novel that I dedicated more than a year of my life to. It's something to be proud of. I wouldn't have changed that journey for a million gold pieces.

Nor would I change my family, or my amazing, creative, bestest boy!--who is laying out itty bitty trip wires, as we speak.

Kacey Mark

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Liz Flaherty said...

A great post! Happy St. Paddy's to you--I hope the pot get full. Congratulations on your book.