Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Little Slice Of Heaven by Gina Ardito - Book Spotlight

A Little Slice Of Heaven    
by: Gina Ardito

A Sweet Romance

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An Angel With a Bruised Spirit...

After a humiliating breakup, Gianna Randazzo temporarily works at her family's pizzeria and rescues the
stray cats that appear on her doorstep. Until the night the stray on her doorstep turns out to be a man!

A Devil's Bargain...

With educated speech and sterling manners, Kyle Hayden isn't the average homeless man. Touched by his situation, Gianna offers him a place to stay and a job. And when he cleans up to reveal a super-hunk, he's the perfect phony, doting boyfriend to escort Gianna to her ex's upcoming wedding. Or maybe this time, love could be for real.

Hell Breaks Loose...

Until the truth comes out. For while Gianna dreams of happily ever after, Kyle will soon return to the life he left behind--a life that won't include Gianna. Unless he can regain her trust and show her...

A Little Slice of Heaven

"Give me a day or two," Joey said. "I'll make a few phone calls."

"Forget it." She waved a hand as if brushing away a gnat. "Frank would recognize anyone you set me up with."

"Well, then, who do you know Frank won't see through?"

Scanning her bureau, she glanced over framed photographs of close friends. No one suitable smiled back. She didn't exactly have a stable of men waiting. Except, of course, the ROMEOs.

And then her mind clicked on the image of a man with wide-set hazel eyes and a clipped New England accent. No. Ridiculous. She barely knew him, for God's sake.

"Come on, Gi," Joey prompted. "Think. There's gotta be someone."

"Maybe." She bit a ragged cuticle on her thumb.


"Our newest employee at Villa Mare."

"You hired somebody?"

Ow! She bit too close to the nail and winced, but not at the pain. Joey would want details about Kyle now. And she didn't dare lie because Claudio would give her up faster than a parade of dancing teddy bears.

"I'll have to make sure he's available first," she said.

"Who is he?"

Stick to the basics. Maybe he won't ask the million dollar questions. "His name's Kyle. Kyle Hayden."

"Where'd you find him?"

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! "Umm..." Squeezing one of the throw pillows, she mumbled, "I found him in the parking lot."

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