Saturday, September 03, 2016

A Cat's Tale by Linda Nightingale

Fate took a hand when I was looking to adopt a cat. I’d had one bad experience with a Maine Coon who was too destructive and unfriendly to keep, and the agency was a pain to deal with. They were far too demanding, insisting that I buy a really expensive flea treatment for an indoor cat. I returned him and did a search on the internet for a Ragdoll. Leonocio popped up in a search. He was a really big and fat cat looking over a woman’s shoulder. I fell in love, immediately phoning the agency, Mutts & Meows, in Katy, TX. I had a cat carrier, but since I had recently fallen from a mounting block while at a horse riding lesson, I couldn’t carry a cat the size of Leonocio. My friend had to accompany me and carry him from PetsMart to the car, then from the car to my condo, quite a long walk from the parking lot.

He settled in right away. His fur was rough, and he still gobbles his food as if he’ll never be fed again. But he was beautiful with blue eyes and multi-colored long fur. I changed his name to Spencer, quickly learning his new name. Not long after, I sold the condo and bought a house. He quickly adjusted—well, he was never not at home.

Spencer had his own story. Somehow, he had fallen into the hands of the local animal shelter. I wonder how. The head of the shelter called Mutts & Meows and told them “this cat is far too beautiful to be destroyed”.

Today, he is thriving and still quite as fat. He has really large paws and is naturally a large cat—as I think most Ragdolls are. And I now know what he is. He’s a blue point Ragdoll. I found a female cat on the internet who looked exactly like Spencer. She had been a breeder, which meant that she was an excellent example of the breed. I considered adopting her, but alas one cat is enough to love and care for. He’s a happy cat and is very clever. When he wants a treat, he stretches one leg high (like a horse in a Spanish Walk) and looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes.
Spencer’s story has a happy ending. Best $75 I ever spent. He owns this house in which I merely reside.

Spencer sleeps beside me while I write. He wanted me to tell you that he approves of the latest book, Morgan D'Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody, though he insists that I spend far too much time at the keyboard not petting him.

Cats, you gotta' love them!

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