Thursday, September 29, 2016

The scene made me laugh, The Marshal's Pursuit

I was deep in the midst of writing a scary scene in a scary story when a funny scene from a western romance made a grand ta-da in my head. Appalled at my laughter, my imperiled characters gaped at me. My poor monster wilted.

On my mind’s stage, I saw Marshal Garrett Kincaid flat on his back in the dirt, wondering what just happened. From his stunned expression, I knew having a horse throw him was not something to which he was accustomed.

His eyes closed against falling dust. When he opened them, I saw Penny Wills leaning over him. She is beautiful and irate, and furious at the marshal for allowing the outlaw to escape. She’s completely oblivious to the fact that the villain got away because she shot her gun, which spooked the marshal’s horse, which in turn sent Garrett into a hard fall.

I laughed at the scene as it replayed in my mind from different angles. I figured I’d write a page or two, just to get it out of my head. After all, I had an eager monster, terrified potential victims, and brave pursuers all awaiting the return of my attention. But the pages turned into chapters, and the chapters turned into my first published book, thank you very much Wild Rose Press.

I’ve fallen into another historical romance. This one takes place in London in the year 1812. When it is finished, I promise you, my dear, scary monster, we’ll once again go stalking.
The Marshal’s Pursuit by Micki Miller, release date-11-09-16
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