Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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I am an avid reader of Soap Opera Digest and I contribute often to the Sound Off section. It's satisfying to have that forum to vent about my soap concerns, but the lag time between hitting send on the email and seeing it in print is frustrating. So I decided to use this forum instead.

I'm the author of three novels: Young Adult novels CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE PSYCHIC (TWRP) and GENIUS SUMMER, and a New Adult/Contemporary Romance CERTAINLY SENSIBLE (TWRP). They're all available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I've got a follow-up novel to CONFESSIONS coming out later this year with The Wild Rose Press, TEENAGE PSYCHIC ON CAMPUS. Yes, my POV character has grown up a little and is now in college.

Writing/editing novels takes a lot of time, and people tell me blogging does, too. So to save valuable time, I'd like to get straight to what I think is important: DAYTIME SOAPS!!! Yes, that's right, I'm a huge fan of both "Bold and the Beautiful" and "General Hospital." I've been watching GH since the Luke and Laura days, or actually a little before, but I didn't start watching BB until after "All My Children" was cancelled. I needed something to occupy my lunch hour in that time slot, but I didn't want to invest in another hour-long soap. I followed Jacob Young from AMC on a Friday to B&B on a Monday, and promptly got hooked.

So here's what's bugging me today: Steffy on B&B. She used to be one of my favorite characters, but lately I'd like to smack her. Is this a grown, married woman who is President of a major corporation? Because she's acting like a spoiled teenager. I get that she's got a hate on for Quinn, but when Steffy moved out on her husband (Quinn's son, Wyatt) and blamed Quinn, that's when I got angry at Mrs. Spencer. No, Steffy, no one is forcing you to jeopardize your marriage, and constantly saying "it's your fault" is the hallmark of adolescents. Her husband Wyatt is behaving a lot more responsibly, trying to save his marriage. When Quinn enlisted Ivy's help to distract Liam (Wyatt's brother/Steffy's true love), I had to agree with Quinn. Steffy is a married woman and has no business sharing intimate moments with another man.

Happy soap viewing!
Pamela Woods-Jackson

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