Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A woman of Spirit by Kate Loveday - Available today

An epic love story that spans the decades
Cheated of her birthright Kitty must struggle to forge a new life in a new land.

Rufe stared at her hand as Kitty passed him a cup of tea. There on her finger was a ring with a large, shiny, very new looking diamond flashing. He grasped her wrist as she leaned back.
‘What's this?’ he asked harshly. ‘Does it mean what I think it means?’
‘It means William Barron and I are engaged to be married.’
He glowered at her. ‘You little fool. He's not the man for you. He'll never make you happy, he'll bore you silly within a month.’
There was no way Kitty would admit this was her secret fear. ‘I don't know what right you think you have, to tell me what I should do.’
‘Only the right that I can see you're making a terrible mistake. Why didn't you give yourself time to get over your brother's death? Time to settle in to life in Sydney and to meet a few people and get a feel for life here before rushing headlong into this disastrous relationship?’
‘It's none of you business.’ Kitty jerked her wrist. ‘And let go of me, you're hurting me.’
He let her wrist go and sat back, breathing heavily. ‘You fool, you little fool.’ his tone was scathing. ‘You'll shrivel up and waste away, married to a milk-sop like Barron. Are you going back to England with him?’
‘No.’ She spoke defiantly. ‘He's bought a logging business in Bulahdelah. He's up there now overseeing the building of extra rooms on the house and we'll be going there to live as soon as we're married.’
He glared at her, amazement on his face. ‘You're going to bury yourself in Bulahdelah? That's even worse.’ He raised his voice. ‘He'll turn you into a meek little country mouse, with only his welfare to worry about and church on Sunday to brighten your days. A fine future to look forward to.’
Kitty swallowed, longing not to believe him. ‘I believe Bulahdelah is a pleasant village, and Stroud is nearby. There'll be plenty of social life, you're just trying to alarm me.’
‘You'll find out, but it'll be too late then.’ Kitty heard the bitterness in his voice. ‘I hope you love your future husband because he's going to be almost your only company.’
‘I don't believe you.’
‘Are you going to be happy spending all your time with him? Can you tell me you love him?’
Kitty tightened her lips. ‘It's none of your business.’
‘Of course you don't love him. You don't need him, Kitty, you need a real man, one who'll make you feel alive. One you'll be able to have some fun with, who'll show you how good life can be.’
‘How is it that you know what I need?’
‘I can tell.’ He jumped to his feet and pulled her from her seat. His arms went around her. ‘You need someone to show you what love and passion are all about. Someone to make you feel alive. Someone who can kiss you – like this.’
He bent his head and kissed her, hard, passionately, until she felt she had no breath left in her body. Her heart beat a wild tattoo and she felt a fire rising inside her, setting her blood pounding.
When he raised his head he kept her pressed to him. ‘I'll bet Barron has never kissed you like that. You're made for love, Kitty. You don't know it yet, and you'll never find out married to that clumsy oaf. You don't love him. Change your mind, before it's too late.’
‘I…can't,’ she whispered.
‘Of course you can.’
She shook her head weakly. ‘No, I can’t. I ... I have my reasons.’
Rufe dropped his arms and pushed her away. He glared at her, his mouth set in a straight line. ‘Then on your own head be it.’ he rasped. ‘I can only offer my hopes for your future happiness. You need all the good wishes you can get. Please tell your mother I'm sorry I missed her. I won't wait.’ He turned on his heel, anger in every line of his body.
As he stormed from the room Kitty stood motionless, her heart still beating madly. She moved to the window and watched him ride away, urging his horse to a gallop. Her insides suddenly turned to an empty hollow, making her feel as if she had lost something, something she had never even known she had. What hope had she of ever regaining it?

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