Monday, September 05, 2016

The Perfect Setting by Katherine McDermott

My Setting - Lovely Paris
I had no idea when I chose Paris as the setting for my suspense romance Hiding that I would be watching in horror as terrorists attacked that lovely, romantic city three months after the book’s release. While it is true that the City of Light has struggled many times in the past from the French Revolution to WWI and II, Paris has built a world reputation on the appreciation of beauty. Her painters, her sculptors, her ballet, and her opera house have brought grace and culture to the world.
One of my favorite musicals is Les Mis, and in some ways my novel Hiding has similarities: an obsessive admirer who drags the heroine into the underworld of the catacombs and a brave hero who is willing to risk his life to save her. But there are differences too. Victor Hugo’s heroine, Christine, is known for her lovely voice while my heroine, Teresa, is known for her talent with a paintbrush.
Throughout the story there are descriptions of the Rodin Museum, the paintings of the Impressionists, and a visit to Monet’s home in Giverny where his enchanting paintings of the water lilies were created. The Eiffel Tower with its glowing lights is a symbol of hope and freedom – freedom that Teresa is so desperately seeking as she leaves an abusive boyfriend behind in America and tries to start a new life. Unfortunately, he tracks her down and seeks revenge that endangers not only Teresa but her new found friends.
To see Paris now in mourning on the news as I write this, saddens me for when I was there, it seemed carefree, romantic, and lovely. By day a free-spirited crowd of rollerblades traveled the streets as artists sold their paintings along the boulevard, and by night, couples danced outside the cafes along the Seine.

Katherine McDermott, author of Hiding
Crimson Rose

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