Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chararcter Interview With Dan Rothberg

An Interview With Dan Rothberg, hero of Addicted to Love, by Jennifer Wilck

I want to introduce you to my hero, Dan Rothberg, today. He is a complicated guy—swoon worthy, with salt-and-pepper hair, the most amazing to-die-for blue eyes, and a limp from an accident he refuses to talk about with anyone. He’s a widower living in Hoboken and working in New York City. He’s doing his best to raise his teen daughter and recover from some pretty serious mistakes from his past. He doesn’t let a lot of people into his life, so the fact that he’s seeing Hannah Cohen is pretty amazing. We’re dropping by his office to say a quick hello.

Hi, Dan. Thanks for talking to me today. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself.

[Looking at his watch.] “Sure, but I only have about five minutes. I’ve got a crisis at work going on that I have to attend to. Tess will be home from school any minute and I need to check in with her about her homework as well. So we’ll have to make this fast. What would you like to know?” [Tips chair back, drums fingers on chair arm.]

Wow, you’re a busy guy. Let’s start with your job. What’s going on?

“I’m a forensic accountant, which basically means I investigate companies’ finances. I really can’t talk much about it, but my investigations have to remain under wraps until we find evidence of a problem. Unfortunately, the press got a hold of what we are doing regarding a pharmaceutical company and all hell is breaking loose. The company makes a lot of charitable donations, and if the leak isn’t found and plugged, patients, charities and the company are going to suffer.” [Mumbles under his breath.]

I’m sorry, I missed that last part.

“My girlfriend thinks it’s my fault.”

Wait, what?

“It’s a long story. But the sooner I find the leak, the better for everyone.”

I’ll bet. Tell me about your girlfriend.

[His face lights up.] “Hannah is amazing. She’s young, younger than me by about ten years. She’s beautiful and smart and has this innate ability to make me feel like I’m the best I can possibly be when I’m around her. And she’s phenomenal with Tess.”

And Tess is...

[He laughs.] “My daughter. She’s a teenager and anyone who can get along with someone else’s teenage daughter—attitude, eye rolls and all—is a saint. Hannah can even get her to smile.”

Wow, Hannah sounds perfect.

“She is.” [He swallows.] “I can’t get the sound of her crying on the phone to me out of my head though. And I’m not sure I deserve her...” [His phone lights up.] “Dammit, I have to go. Great talking to you.” [He rises, leans on his cane and points to his office door.]

Jennifer Wilck


Sandra Dailey said...

Great post Jennifer. Good luck and great sales for Addicted to Love.

Mary Morgan said...

Wow! Love it! All the best, Jennifer. :)