Monday, July 10, 2017

Did you see this photograph?

A photograph on a magazine cover inspired the story of my new romance, "Saving Shelby Summers." I wonder if you saw it too? The picture was of a distraught young woman and her stranded horse buried in a sink hole. The emotions were powerful; fear, love, determination on the girl's part to save her drowning horse. Would she succeed? I had to know. I had to write a possible outcome for this image, even though my story had nothing to do with the unknown person in the picture.

     Authors never know where the germ of their next book lies. In all my romances I include the beloved dogs that have brought such delight into my life. I build their characters, just as I do with my human characters. So, in "Saving Shelby Summers", a couple of mismatched rescue pets share the journeys of the heroine, Shelby, and the hero, Nathan, a vet trying to build a new life for himself and his little four-year-old daughter. Shelby is traumatized by a teenage experience, and it is only in her mid twenties that she faces the past, hoping that one day she too may discover a loving relationship.

There are animals, tears and laughter in this highly-reviewed book. "Saving Shelby Summers" has an Australian setting and is available on pre-order now, and for general release on July 26th. View it on Margaret Sutherland's Amazon book page at or via her web page at

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