Tuesday, July 18, 2017

WHERE DANGER LIES by Donna del Oro

Based on actual events, in WHERE DANGER LIES, Book Three in my romantic-suspense FBI series, there are two plot points taken from my research. One, the existence of PRC (People's Republic of China) spies in the USA. I read about this in several places: Wall Street Journal, several news magazines and a few other sources. These spies tend to congregate in technology rich places like Silicon Valley and near military bases, such as San Diego and Seattle. In WHERE DANGER LIES, FBI agent Jake Bernstein is asked by a Navy commander to help young CSIs solve the murder of a Navy weapons specialist. This murdered Navy officer often visited a gay nightclub in San Diego, also frequented by suspected PRC spies.


One of my FBI sources told me about a counterespionage case of his which involved the surveillance of a suspected PRC spy. This case will become the crux of my fourth book in the series--title as yet undecided.


The second plot point in WHERE DANGER LIES is based on a newspaper report about an honor killing that took place in Escondido, California in 2014. A Muslim man killed his wife in a so-called "honor killing" because she had threatened to go to the police and expose him as a potential terrorist. In the police investigation that occurred, the man blamed white supremacists and various hate monger groups for beating his wife to death. The cops were actually inclined to believe him until the man's teenaged daughter came forward and revealed the truth. In my book, the woman doesn't die but comes close. And yes, the daughter ends up revealing the truth.


We suspense/crime authors never have to go far to find ideas for our plots, do we? Unfortunately, that is so true.

--by Donna Del Oro

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