Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Seafood & Sailing- a book launch treat!

Went on a four-day sail around the San Juan islands as a reward for the release of Lipstick on the Strawberry this month. The border of the US and Canada, where pine trees, vineyards, oyster farms, and whales thrive.  So beautiful! 

Twelve guests, most not known to one another, thrown together for four days of hard work, uncomfortable sleeping quarters, and great conversation. Sounds like a classic whodunit plot.
Not what I write, but book ideas kept bubbling up.

The trip was a caterer's dream, too. In addition to hauling sails up and down, deck swabbing, and "helping" the crew, guests on the sail tucked into Pacific Northwest seafood and wine. Fabulous food. My "Lipstick" heroine, Camilla, can't wait to get back in the kitchen to test some of the recipes! They may appear on my blog's cookbook, available to subscribers.


Margaret Ann Spence
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