Thursday, July 27, 2017

How FBI Special Agent Jake Bernstein Evolved

I began with one of my favorite fiction characters, Gabriel Allon from Daniel Silva’s great spy thrillers. A Mossad assassin, Allon is now Chief of Israel’s Mossad. A complex man with a multitude of talents—a brilliant artist, a linguist fluent in German, Hebrew, Arabic, English—he is also a moralistic man. You ask, how can an assassin be a man of moral principles? He is. He draws the line at killing only those despicable people who have killed innocent civilians in their quest for religious dominance, money, power or national zealotry.


So from Gabriel Allon, whose German Jewish family was killed by the Nazis and whose wife and son were killed by radical Muslims, I jump into the heart and soul of Jacob Bernstein. He’s a modern American male with a German Jewish/Irish Catholic family background. His identification with his German-Ashkenazi Jewish grandparent prompts him to pursue a law enforcement career aimed at seeking justice. Naturally, with his Navy Seal history, he relishes the field work of counter-terrorism. His unique training has prepared him for going undercover on a variety of cases, from tracking down an elderly American grandmother suspected of WW II war crimes to exposing a terrorist cell’s plot to commit mass murder. Now, in WHERE DANGER LIES (Book Three in the FBI romantic-suspense series), Jake helps inexperienced NCIs investigate the murder of a Navy weapons specialist assigned to Naval Base Coronado, San Diego. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Meg Larsen, finds herself in the midst of helping one of her students, the daughter of a Muslim woman who has become the victim of an attempted “honor killing.” There are people who want to stop both of them before the truth is discovered. For even in beautiful San Diego, you never know WHERE DANGER LIES.


In the next installment (Book Four) of FBI Special Agent’s Jake Bernstein’s adventures, a Silicon Valley tech genius plots to sell his Bio-weapon of Mass Destruction plans to the highest bidder. But who among an international crowd of the world’s most dangerous villains will be the one to succeed? Can Jake uncover him in time to stop the transaction? And bring the American traitor to justice? This time, Meg Larsen, having joined the Special Services Group of the FBI, partners up with Jake in their undercover operation. Stay tuned for SPIES IN BLACK TIES!
by Donna Del Oro

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