Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Accidental Fate is released

Thought I'd drop by to share the news today...

Mia Simon, a successful freelance writer, wasn’t looking for love. So when Austin Turner, owner of a limousine company literally ran into her in the middle of rush hour traffic in Pittsburgh, she didn’t recognized what hit her…until it was too late.

Austin was beyond a gentleman. He was an exemplary example of a perfect mate. Or was he? He was intelligent, compassionate, considerate…and far too attractive for Mia’s comfort. How was she expected to display rational judgment when he was so charming and handsome? The inner skeptic Mia was struggling to develop screamed with objection when he asked her not to report the accident, but her soft heart wouldn’t oblige.

Mia knew she’d made the right decision when her car was repaired and Austin came through on his word to pay for the damage. But when he disappeared from her life as soon as the incident was smoothed over, she knew she’d been played for a fool…again.

Later this week I'll be talking on my blog about some behind the scenes tid bits for Accidental Fate. I'll even reveal who my real life inspiration was for the Hero, so stop by and enjoy some fun!


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