Saturday, July 12, 2008


The galleys of See Megan Run is sitting on my hardrive. I cannot begin to tell you how bleeping excited I am. I penned this tale last October. Finished it in December. Sent it off to my editor in January. And then that's when the headache began. For the past six months I've been editing this story. Adding, cutting, rewriting and sobbing occasionally.

Writing is a true labor of love and now I get to see it in it's final form. Soon it will be coming to you readers and I now some of you can't wait. Or at least that's what I told myself every time I got to urge to tell my editor, "Please don't make me read it again." Imagine having to read the same story EVERY month. *le sigh* But it's worth it. Though there have been times I wanted to scream, I am so proud of this story.

If you are like who is Melissa Blue? And what is a See Megan Run? Here is a recap:

A rock and a hard place has nothing on Megan Hazley when she agrees to stay for her mother's wedding. Nicole aka Mommie Dearest isn't Megan's only obstacle to getting the deed to her deceased father's home; her ex-boyfriend, Aiden Blake, is the best man. Time hasn’t lessened the spark between them, a spark that should have died the day she hitched hiked out of “Boondock”, U.S.A.

Megan must deal with the troubles she left behind 12 years ago and choose between the man she once loved and the life she built for herself.

Who said going home was easy?


He nodded. “Do you want to sleep with me?”

Aiden had the vase before Megan could think to catch it. “Where did that come from?”

“The drool on the side of your mouth when you watched me lick my lips.” Aiden shrugged and kept the pace of their slow walk. Megan had no idea where they were going, but she was sure half the town would know when they left downtown. She rolled her shoulders at the uncomfortable feeling of being watched. Though she couldn’t see anyone looking directly at them, Megan knew her hometown. At least five people could read lips a mile away, and after his comment those five people would tell five more people that they were headed to Aiden’s secret place for a rendezvous.

“Aren’t you arrogant?”

Aiden stopped and moved in front of her. He leaned in close to her ear and said, “You’re curious.” He took her lobe into his mouth, doing things with tongue and teeth that proved him right. She was curious. He laid a kiss on her neck, then said, “Your curiosity is going to bite you in the ass one of these days.”

But could you bite me first? Megan coughed to clear her throat and reached for the vase, taking it from his hands. “And what are you getting from this?”

He took another step toward her and reached out, touching the apex of her throat. Her heartbeat sped under his fingertips. “I want you to...”

“You want me to what?”

This book will be coming to you soon. If you can't wait you can always get my debut novella, How Much You Want to Bet? Or check out my website and read a freebie.

Melissa Blue and I'm out.


Nell said...

This looks great

Mel said...

I'm glad you're interested. I've been worried if the Sophmore curse exist for books.