Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PASSION AT AN EXHIBITION - my Debut Released Today!


My debut novella is NOW AVAILABLE in the American Rose Line!

I’m ever-so-thrilled to report that my spicy historical novella, Passion at an Exhibition, is now available for download here at The Wild Rose Press!

“Rosalyn Abbett, a spirited young suffragette in 1890’s New York City, has just received news that turns her world upside down. Anthony Simms, whom she’s met only through letters, will be arriving tomorrow night. A junior curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she and Mr. Simms will prepare an exhibition of royal jewelry from around the world. Together. Without a chaperone. Scorching dreams of this stranger have plagued her for ages… but what will happen in the flesh?”

Passion at an Exhibition is short, sweet and spicy! (As well as a very affordable download! Just $3!) It’s a Miniature Rose here in our American Rose Line.

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I’m trying to carve out my niche in sensual Victorian Era stories with a bold kick, so if this sounds up your alley, please come support me!


Tori Anne

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