Monday, July 07, 2008

Hilarious Take On My New Book

An online friend made his own wittism about my new book, "Said the Spider to the Fly." I wanted to share it with everyone...

"Come into my web, Mr. Fly."
"Yea, why...Give me one good reason why I should."
"I spent all day spinning this web. I just want you to tell me if it's, like, soft enough."
"Soft enough?"
"Yes. I don't want a web that's abbrasive, or anything."
"Well, I don't wanna go into your web."
"Why not?"
"My mother told me NOT to trust spiders."
"Look at me. Do I look like I would do anything bad..."
"You're a spider. I'm a fly. Somehow that is not good for me."
"Oh, C'mon! That's an old wive's tale! I wouldn't do anything bad...Like EAT you, or anything!"
"You wouldn't? Wait a sec..Why not...I'm not GOOD enough for you?"
"It's not that. See, I like plump bugs. You're kinda thin."
"Whataya mean, thin! Geez, I workout! I fly all OVER the place! I mean, I'm in GREAT shape!"
"Naw.Not interested. By the way, Mr. Fly..."
"Where's your mother..."
"She's kinda plump, isn't she?"
"Yea, she is. She could go on a diet..Wait a sec..You don't mean..."
"Just asking."
"I got a BETTER idea. I got this Mother-In-Law...."

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