Sunday, September 07, 2008


So what does one do when back in limbo?

Well, that's easy I write and put together promo spots until my brain hurts. I've
set myself up to write 1200 words a day. It's kind of a pass or fail basis. See Megan Run is coming out October 29th and I have guest blogs lined up on the 30th and the 31st. AND an interview the first week of November. I'll also run a contest ten days prior to my release date. It'll be a trivia sort of thing. Only goodness knows what else I can think up from now to October.

But will of this get you readers to Wild Rose to buy See Megan Run?

Probably not, but I promise to at least be entertaining. It'll help keep my sanity while I wait for the official Multi-published title. It's been a good year for Melissa Blue and it can only get better.

But if you want to try me out for size, you can check out my debut novel, How Much You Want to Bet? Or read an excerpt of See Megan Run.

Until then, I'm Melissa Blue and I'm out.

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Patricia W. said...

Congrats on your second release, Melissa!

Melissa Blue said...

Thank you, Patricia. I'm finally getting excited about it. Though you still couldn't pay me to read this book again. Maybe in a year.