Monday, September 22, 2008

Midnight tonight deadline for contest, Life Begins In Arizona still climbing best seller list

There's still time! You can enter the contest until midnight tonight for a chance to win a free digital copy of Life Begins In Arizona.

Btw, I'm thrilled that Life Begins In Arizona is currently number six on the best seller list for all book categories, and number four in the contemporary best seller category!


Would you like to win a free digital copy of Life Begins In Arizona?Simply read the excerpt from the novel posted below, or on my website at www. leemorrison. org, and then correctly answer the question that follows the excerpt in an e-mail sent to me at by the contest deadline at midnight Monday September 22, 2008.

One lucky winner, chosen through a random drawing, will receive a digital copy of Life Begins In Arizona.The winner will be announced on my blog at http://lindaleemorrison. blogspot. com/ on Tuesday September 23, 2008.

Good Luck!

Contest Excerpt:

Claire’s head hurt. Bad. Her vision blurred and she closed her eyes. After a moment, she tested her sight again. She didn’t recognize the ceiling. A fluorescent light was turned off. Thank God for small miracles. It was dusk. Or was it dawn?

The gray light filtered in through a window. It was hard to discern. A long curtain hung on a track from the ceiling to her left. A dividing curtain. Was this a hospital room? She struggled to sit up, but everything started spinning.

“Claire, it’s okay. You’re going to be okay. Just lie down and rest for now.”

That voice…that deep masculine voice…it was quite sexy.Where had she heard it before?A large hand covered hers. It was warm and big. Gentle. Someone caressed her forehead, and pushed her hair back. She felt safe.Her body relaxed. Sleep beckoned.


Jake settled back into his chair. He’d been worried about her, but he knew she was going to be okay. He was more concerned about the man who’d assaulted her and what his plans were. So concerned, in fact, that since he didn’t know the situation, he’d gone out on a limb. Way out on a limb. He leaned his head forward and held it in his hands.

He’d claimed to be her husband in order to stay with her and protect her. He justified his uncharacteristic irrational decision by telling himself that he was in the business of saving lives, not throwing them to the wolves.His position as Director of the Emergency Room gave him an advantage, as well. People knew him and accepted his word. They were shocked when he’d told them, of course, but after the initial gasping, they’d accepted it.

He was taking an awfully huge risk in doing what he was doing, but somehow he felt he didn’t have any other choice.He didn’t trust the bastard who’d assaulted her. Plain and simple. He’d seen that crazed look plenty of times in the emergency room. And he’d been correct in his assumption that the asshole would make bail.

After a discreet inquiry through a friend at the police station, he’d found out he had walked. He shook his head in the quiet hospital room and looked at Claire. How could he leave her unprotected? He hated the loopholes in the legal system. The brick wall he’d hit with her identity was bothering him but he gave his trusted friend at the police station, a detective for thirty years, the honest story and Max was looking into it. Though Max had grumbled about the deception, he’d reluctantly agreed that Jake was probably protecting Claire better than they could—off the record, of course.

Jake had confidence that he’d hear information as soon as his friend uncovered it. If she had any family, they would have to be notified. He prayed he’d done the right thing.

Contest question:

Why is Jake praying he's done the right thing?
Hint: Read the blurb from the book posted below, or on my website to compliment excerpt.

...Life Begins in Arizona available digitally now at The Wild Rose Press, and next March in print at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon and other book sellers.

Life Begins In Arizona blurb:

Claire Stevens, an Emergency Department physician who escaped a violent marriage, is living proof that abuse can happen to anyone. New to Wickenburg, Arizona, she is settling into her home when her ex-husband is released from jail…and finds her. Waking up in the hospital, bruised and battered, she discovers she is married to her neighbor—who happens to be her new boss.

At least that’s the story people believe.Jake Cooper is the first man who has stirred Claire’s pulse in five years. She finds his charm hard to resist, but in hindsight realizes she has emotional scars that are getting in her way. If her fear of relationships doesn’t strangle her, her ex-husband, who is out on bail, just might.

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