Monday, September 29, 2008

The Wild Rose Press wants you to have a SONY eReader!

The following authors are sponsoring our Fall 2008 SONY eReader giveaway. Between September 22 and December 15, 2008 purchase any title from any of the authors listed below and you will be eligible to enter the contest. Once you make your purchase whether at TWRP bookstore or any of their distributors, send a copy of the order number and the title purchased and the date you purchased it to If you purchase several titles in one order you may send in as many entries as you have titles. For questions, please contact either Rhonda Penders at or

Click on each author's name to link to thier books in TWRP bookstore.
Jean Adams (Champagne - Book due out in Oct)
Kim Amburn (Crimson Rose)
Clare Austin (Book due out soon)
Clover Autrey (Faery Rose)
Carol Braswell (Crimson Rose)
Sharon Buchbinder (Champagne Rose, Last Rose of Summer)
Anne Carrole (Book due out soon)
Lynda Coker (Yellow Rose)
Wendy Davy (White Rose)
Tabitha Gibson (Sweetheart Rose, Champagne Rose, Crimson Rose)
Devon Gray (Scarlet Rose)
D.K. Harper
(Champagne Rose, Last Rose of Summer)
Cierra James (Crimson Rose)
Paty Jager (Cactus Rose, Yellow Rose)
Jennifer Johnson (Champagne Rose)
Sylvia Kaye (Scarlet Rose, Yellow Rose)
Dayana Knight (Black Rose)
Renee Knowles (English Tea Rose)
Sharon Lanergan (English Tea Rose)
Liana Laverentz (Champagne Rose)
Hywela Lyn (Faery Rose)
Cara Marsi (Crimson Rose)
Bess McBride (Faery Rose, Last Rose of Summer, Vintage Rose, Champagne Rose)
Lily Rose Moon (Faery)
Skyhe Moncrief (Black Rose, Faery Rose)
Beth Morrow (Champagne Rose)
E.G. Parsons (Faery Rose)
Victoria Pitts-Caine (American Rose, White Rose)
Amber Polo (Champagne Rose, Faery Rose, Sweetheart Rose)
Sky Purington (Faery Rose)
Rynne Raines (Faery Rose)
Judith Rochelle (Yellow Rose, Crimson Rose)
Jocelyn Saint James (Last Rose of Summer, Champagne)
Jan Scarbrough (Faery Rose)
Tarah Scott (English Tea Rose)
Susan Shay (Yellow Rose)
Patti Shenberger (Champagne Rose)
Robin Shope (Book due out soon)
Linda Swift (Book due out soon)
Margaret Tanner (Vintage Rose, Champagne Rose)
Sara Thacker (Crimson)
Pam Thibodeaux (White Rose)
Deborah Tompkins (Last Rose of Summer)
M.K. Trent (Champagne Rose)
Beth Trissel (American Rose)
Shereen Vedam (Faery Rose, English Tea Rose)
Lisa Wells (Champagne Rose)
Anne Whitfield (Vintage, Last Rose of Summer, Champagne)
Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter (White Rose, Faery Rose)
Patrice Wilton (Faery Rose)
Michelle Witvliet (Champagne)

For questions on this contest, please contact Rhonda Penders at Please put the words SONY eReader contest in the subject line.

No purchase necessary. You may also enter the contest by mailing a postcard to The Wild Rose Press, P.O. Box 708, Adams Basin, NY 14410. Write down the titles of three books or short stories by three different participating authors and we will put your postcard in the general drawing.

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