Saturday, September 06, 2008

Two stories set in the 1920s

Hello, it's Vintage Rose/LROS month at The Wild Rose Press! I have two short stories set in the 1920s out. They are two in a series, "Copacetic" and "Baby Vamp." These are the stories of twin sisters. Claire becomes a flapper, and her sister Margaret is old-fashioned and holds onto her Edwardian ways. Both ladies run into serious trouble during their search for happiness, and all their dreams are threatened. Claire must use her cleverness, and Margaret her values to stand a chance of reaching their dreams in "the lawless decade." I hope you'll take a peek at my stories! Thanks, and take care. -Sincerely, Laura Hogg


La Belle Americaine said...

These sound very interesting!

Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Laura,
I have the first on my ebookwise reader and plan to get to it soon. The 20s was such an interesting era. I know I'll enjoy your story.

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Thank you, merci, Beautiful American and Linda! Very nice of you to say. Linda, I've always loved your work. We're both such fans of time-travel stories. Copacetic and it's second in the series, Baby Vamp (not a vampire story, lol!) are not time-travel, but they are vintage, both set in 1924. What an era. I'm considering writing a longer work set during that time.
How are things with you?