Friday, July 26, 2013

Masquerade - Can a masquerade ball reveal the man of her dreams?

Published: 07/10/2013
by: Sarita Leone

A New Year's resolution given in a moment of frivolity must be upheld when masks come off, leaving  identities--and hearts--revealed.

Sophie Teasdale has turned down every eligible bachelor in London.  She longs to marry for love, rather than security, but no man has offered her both. The memory of a stolen embrace with her childhood friend Colin Randolph has left her confused about her feelings for him.  When a handsome stranger sweeps her off her feet at a masquerade ball, she's more confused than ever.  Does she love Colin, or is the stranger the man she's been dreaming of?

There has never been any woman for Colin Randolph but Sophie, but she doesn't see him as a man, only her childhood playmate.  Is she too inexperienced to understand his hesitant advances--or is he forced to forever love her from afar?  A New Year's blizzard and a masquerade ball provide him with the chance to convince Sophie the man of her dreams has been by her side all along.

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 207
Word Count: 55617
978-1-61217-835-6 Digital


“Entertain an offer from the next fellow who puts one forward?”

It was a shocking idea. A chill shot down her spine. How could Rachel even think such a thing? How could she imagine that an offer of marriage might come so nonchalantly? There was no one she had allowed to get at all close enough to suggest marriage in so long it was preposterous to envision the possibility.
If her little sister thought she was putting Sophie’s back to the wall, she had another think coming. Given the fact that there wasn’t one probable marriage-minded suitor in her life right now, there was no harm in agreeing to what Rachel pressed for.

A glance at Rachel’s smug smile cast aside any misgivings remaining in Sophie’s head.

“Yes,” Sophie said with a vigorous nod.

“Y-yes?” The word came out as a strangled gasp.

Sophie nearly laughed aloud, but watching Rachel wriggle like a worm from a hook dangling inches above a fish-filled pond was too much fun to spoil by laughing.

“That’s right. I resolve to entertain—seriously entertain—an offer from the next gentleman—a gentleman, mind you, not a rake or a rogue, but a gentleman—who puts one forth. That is my New Year’s resolution.”

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