Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Promise Her - The Callahan Series - Book Three

Published: 07/19/2013
by: Mitzi Pool Bridges

The Callahan Series - Book Three

Lisa Kane has almost everything: a good job as a private investigator, a fun hobby as a barrel racer, and a wonderful horse. What she doesn't have is the man who stole her heart the moment she met him. Attorney Douglas Callahan loves her all right--like another sister. But that isn't what Lisa wants.

Douglas's reputation with women is well-established: love-'em-and-leave-'em. But when Lisa becomes a suspect in a murder case she's investigating, he feels an unexpected tug at his heart. Just brotherly concern? Or something more? After her saddle is sabotaged at the rodeo, he insists on protecting her.

Watching over Lisa, Douglas soon realizes what everyone else in the Callahan family already knows--she's his perfect mate. But with a killer trying to silence her forever, he's got to stop her from doing anything rash before he can convince her she's the one woman for him.

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 288
Word Count: 66493
978-1-61217-850-9 Paperback
978-1-61217-851-6 Digital


Starting at the back, he cut from hem to neck. The top separated. No bra, just smooth, creamy skin. He swallowed hard. “Okay. That’s done. Slip it off.”

She grabbed the T-shirt in her right hand, held it to her breast and let the top fall to the floor.

Now what? He’d undressed women before, but never dressed one. “Let me help with that.”

“I can do it,” she insisted, as she put her good arm through a sleeve.

Even looking at that perfect back, he could tell she was in pain. She leaned toward her left side as if that would help. What could he do? She needed more help than he could give. Maybe she needed to go back to the doctor.

Her naked back was within kissing distance. He groaned to himself. Felt his body stir. He shut his eyes. This can’t be happening. He reminded himself that Lisa was his sister.

Then why was perspiration running down his back? Why was he so nervous? If this were TJ, he would be teasing her unmercifully. With Lisa, he couldn’t even talk.

“I think I need help.”

So did he.

He came around to stand in front of her. Her eyes were glazed with pain. What an idiot he was.

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