Saturday, July 27, 2013

Midnight Bride - A wild west historical romance

Published: 07/12/2013
by: Tanya Hanson

Committed to running the shoddy Lazy Jazy ranch left by her granddaddy, Carrie Smith is eager to try  her own ideas on saving the place. And she doesn't need a man to help her.

When handsome cowboy Jed Jones arrives without warning in Sweetcream, Texas, he bears documents that proclaim they must wed by midnight or lose the Jazy. Both fearful of relinquishing their heritage, the two exchange vows and steaming kisses... all the while Carrie seeks an annulment even as she falls head over heels.

Jed, meanwhile, intends to discover the mystery of his own pa's death all the while he falls for Carrie even faster and harder.

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 324
Word Count: 84733
978-1-61217-826-4 Paperback
978-1-61217-827-1 Digital


“Might you have any flowers for sale?” asked the newcomer in a deep appealing voice.

Carrie tried to swallow but couldn’t. Since childhood, strapping young males were no surprise to her eyes, what with the wranglers the Lazy Jazy required and the cowboys who stopped by for work after a cattle drive ended.

But she had never beheld one who made her heart flutter inside her ribs like a butterfly. Until this moment. This man stole her breath clean away. The black jacket seemed too tight across the mountainous shoulders, like he had borrowed it. Or maybe had grown up some since he last wore it. And he was so tall that Mr. Gosling looked like a schoolboy.

The stranger removed his hat. She saw lush wavy black hair that matched the moustache resting atop his well-shaped lip. Hair that she found herself longing to touch. It was an unseemly idea, and she tightened her fingers in repentance.

“I need them for my bride. I’m getting married today.”

The housewives clucked as one. Disappointment clogged Carrie’s veins.

However, he looked straight at her as he said those words.

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