Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Author Interview on Inside The Writer's Mind!

This is an exciting day for me!

I've been interviewed on Carol Ann Erhardt's blog, Inside the Writer's Mind. I'm just tickled about this, and I hope you'll head on over there and see what Carol Ann and I chatted about. I had a great time doing this, Carol Ann's a wonderful hostess!

The interview is here. Thanks for stopping by!

Sarita Leone

PS. - Just a hint. The interview is about me, but also about my story, Freedom's Touch, Part 2 of the Legacy of the Celtic Brooch. I give away a few secrets about how the story came to be, stuff I haven't shared anywhere else. Somehow Carol Ann, with her charm and smiles, wheedled a few confidences from me! It was such fun! :)


Allie Boniface said...

What a great interview! And I love this line: "That wonderful, shivery feeling of early love."

I always loved history in school, too, and my family visited Gettysburg when I was in high school. Magical place.

NicDarienzo said...

Great interview Sarita and Carol Ann! Freedom's Touch remains one of my favorites of the stories I've had the pleasure of contracting for the American Rose line.