Monday, May 21, 2007

Bay Leaves and Bundles

Last week my latest short story in the American Rose garden, Bay Leaves and Bundles, was released. I loved writing this sweet little story, and I thought I'd take a few minutes and share a bit of it with you. I hope you like it!

A blurb:

Amy had her heart set on becoming Mrs. Ben Warner, the handsomest man in Williamsburg. She wanted to toss his tricorn hat to the ground, run her fingers through his soft, silky curls and press her body to his. She dreamed of hearing his declaration of love, of feeling a delicate gold circle on her finger. But in 1775 romantic young ladies didn’t simply toss, caress and press. They waited for the man to declare.

How, then, to encourage Ben’s declaration of love? Amy has a few ideas…

And an excerpt:

“I have seen my sweetheart—on several occasions,”
insisted Amy, settling her head on the pillowcase with
infinite care. “But it never hurts to have the bay leaves in
place when I dream of him, which I do nightly, I assure

“Then what do you hope to accomplish? If you’ve
already seen him in your dreams there is no need for the
leaves—or the pins,” Martha said, weaving the final
inches of her long blonde hair into a braid.

“I’m simply hoping to…to…oh, I don’t know. Speed
things along, perhaps? You’re lucky; you’ve already got a
date set for your wedding. But me, I have yet to get a man
to propose marriage, let alone set the date.” Lowering her
voice as they heard their parents climb into their creaky
rope bed in the room next to theirs, Amy said,
“Valentine’s Day is next week. I’ve been praying he’ll
come calling, maybe even ask to spend the night. I’ve been
praying, night and day it seems, that my sweetheart
would come to me and then maybe my life could move
forward. Oh, Martha, I’ve been praying!” Amy laced her
fingers together and waved them toward the low-beamed

Martha shook her head as she leaned over and blew
out the candle. Settling herself on her own pillow, she
murmured, “You’d best pray you don’t poke your eye out
with those straight pins.”

Thanks for reading!


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Marianne Arkins said...

I like Martha! LOL.... sounds very interesting.