Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Reviews

Yesterday I found two reviews for Rose Petals -- Coffee Time reviewed the entire anthology, and Cocktail Reviews reviewed my contribution, Second Chance Rose. Wilga at Cocktail Reviews said:

Here is my favourite line:

…who’d want a portrait of a forty-two year old woman with boring brown eyes and plain brown hair with strands of grey popping out like dandelions?

I saw and felt so much more than these words actually said. Her insecurity, low self-esteem; the image she has of herself as not worthy for sketching. The mention of dandelions—akin to weeds—brings a richness to that sentence; that the grey is growing fast these days. Excellent and touching, in my opinion.

Rose finds the past repeating itself, but wonders how this could be so. After all, hadn’t she “had her turn” at the game of love with Doug?

A touching story that I enjoyed very much. I wish it had been longer.

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Allie Boniface said...

How terrific! Congrats on the great reviews. :)

Terry said...

Thanks, Allie. I don't know which is more exciting--a good review or knowing someone actually wanted to read the book!