Friday, May 25, 2007

Runnin' 'Shine

Bootlegger's Bride - Legacy Of The Celtic Brooch Book 4

56 pages - Rating: HOT (Hey, I've never been HOT before!)

Buckle your seat-belt. Grace McAfee Currie is on a mission--to make up for lost time, and lost love. Hoping to escape her controlling family and rekindle a romance all at the same time, she sets in motion a chain of events that spiral out of her control. WWI veteran Aidan Palmer is jolted back into life when he reconnects with Grace, the one woman he can’t resist. In order to be together, this socialite and would-be preacher must outwit her ambitious brother, out-maneuver competing bootleggers, and drive into an uncertain sunset in an exciting new world.

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Allie Boniface said...

What a great teaser - I love your promo blurb. Lots of HOT works being released by TWRP this week...ooh la la :)

Caffey said...

Hi Marty!!! Looking forward to this one!! And I'm thrilled you have a newsletter. Ijust signed up so I can know of your news and releases!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies :)