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Coming in ebook from WRP, July 27, 2007! THREE OF SWORDS!

THREE OF SWORDS is a paranormal romantic mystery, Book One of the Magical Mysterious Sisters Series, and so very near and dear to my heart. I hope all WRP readers will love it! Here's an excerpt, a taste of the magic, mystery, murder and romance that is THREE OF SWORDS....

A shadow cast over me and I looked up, just as the sun set behind a man standing at my booth.

“Excuse me.” A deep, male voice filled my senses. “Do you have a permit to perform fortune telling?”

I squinted up at him, moving to my left to get a better view. It was Mr. Tall and Dark. “Yes, I do. Who are you, and why do you ask?”

“Adrian Burke. Police Chief of Fort Bedford.”

So, this was the new guy in town, direct from Chicago. I hadn’t met the new Chief yet. He’d been on the job for about three weeks. Local residents were already choosing sides as to whether or not they liked him. So far, the voting ran about fifty-fifty. I wasn’t sure where I fell in the polls, but the frown on his face wasn’t helping his cause. “Welcome to Fort Bedford, Chief. Here’s my permit.”

I opened my pouch and pulled out the paper. The law requiring permits for “fortune telling” originated decades ago with my Grandmother, one of the many failed attempts on the part of the town council to curtail her herbal and magical work for her clients. Granny had thrived on the conflict, the battle to uphold the ancient ways. I was the complete opposite.

Chief Burke took the paper from my hands and scanned it, his dark brows pulled low over his eyes. Did this man ever laugh? I didn’t see much evidence of it. He returned it to me, a bit of frustration in his expression.

I couldn’t resist. “What’s the matter? Sorry you can’t run me in?”

He cleared his throat as a guilty look crossed his face. “I’m checking to make sure all booths have their proper licenses.”

“Really? How many booths have you checked?”

“Just yours, so far.”

I picked up the cards and shuffled, but kept my gaze on him. “I see. How interesting. I take it you’re not a supporter of Tarot?”

He gave me a slight grin. “I wouldn’t say that. Although it does make me think of that Jamaican lady on those old late-night commercials.”

I laughed. “Please don’t compare me to her. I bet she couldn’t get a permit in Fort Bedford to save her life.”

I lowered my gaze from the Chief for a moment and pulled a random card from the deck. The Lovers card leapt into my hand, its naked and nubile male and female side by side, unashamed and passionate. By the gods, no. I shoved the image back into the stack and set the cards aside. “I’m Selene MacPherson.” I put out my hand in greeting. “I own Mimosas and Magnolias. It’s a restaurant down on the shoreline.”

He took my hand. His grasp was warm and firm, with a confidence that communicated this was no “small town guy”. His fingers held the calluses of a man who knew how to work hard. The burn scars on the back of his hand surprised me. He abruptly ended the handshake as soon as my gaze touched them.

I looked up in surprise, a vortex of energy pulling at the edge of my consciousness. The Festival scene around him began to narrow and recede as his image grew sharper. It was as if his spirit demanded my awareness. Against my active will, a part of me pushed open to receive him. A great surge of sorrow rushed forward, like an ocean wave at high tide. The force of it shook me. I’d never felt that much emotion from someone so quickly. It was—

The high-pitched voice of Gladys Miller shook me out of my trance. “I’m praying for you, Selene MacPherson.”

Oh, no. Just what I’d feared. Why had I let the Foundation talk me into running this booth? I swallowed my embarrassment and smiled at her. “Bless you, too, Mrs. Miller.”

The older woman’s mouth snapped shut into a thin little line. She stalked away toward the town gazebo.

The Chief motioned toward her retreating back with his thumb. “A fan of yours, I take it?”

Want to know more?? Next Friday reveals all!

Here's an extra. What are reviewers saying about TOS? Here's a taste:

"Adrian is the new Chief of Police in this quaint little town, and not used to the quirks of small town life. Adrian comes from the crime ridden streets of Chicago, looking to escape the shadows of his past. He has only just started and already a murder has taken place, and there are very little clues left for the investigators to find.

Selene has tried to reassure the townspeople that she is in fact a normal woman, and not the witch she is rumored to be. All she desires is her and her daughters to be able to live a normal life, free from scrutiny. All that changes when a murderer comes to town and strikes close to home, Selene is forced to use her powers. Selene feels the impressions left by the victims before their death and as such becomes the Chief’s most valuable asset. She has come a long way to securing the normalcy she has coveted, and now it may be too late.

Three of Swords is a magical tale that emphasizes the importance of family. Selene, our heroine keeps us in suspense as she wrestles with her beliefs and emotions. And Adrian our sexy man in uniform battles with control as he is overridden with guilt over his inability to close this case. The two characters trying to overcome their demons make this one enjoyable read.

As you delve deeper into Three of Swords you start getting into the mind of a killer, with supernatural ability of his own. Nothing can be taken at surface value, leaving this book with an ending that will take you by surprise. Joanna Moore makes witches proud as she includes the elements necessary to captivate her readers, and for this reviewer the only complaint is it wasn’t longer. Three of Swords is required reading for anyone needing a little suspense in their lives."

---Reviewed by Joyce at Kwips and Kritiques

I look forward to meeting all the readers next Friday, July 27th! Until then,

Joanna K. Moore

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