Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally, This Season release day!

Finally, This Season releases today! I'm so excited! I love seeing this beautiful cover on the "New Releases" line up!

This is my eighth short story with The Wild Rose Press. I'm just as thrilled today as I was the day my first short story with them, For The Love of Grace, came out. I just love being a part of this publishing house, being here with this dynamite group of talented authors and getting to know readers who appreciate a good romance. What more could anyone ask for?

A litte about Finally, This Season...

Alexandra can’t think of anything more annoying than being told she must choose a husband, and soon, but that’s exactly what’s happened. Her father has decided she’s of an age where marriage is appropriate—necessary, even—and has decreed she will choose her own husband this Season or he will do the choosing for her. What is a proper young woman to do in circumstances such as these? That is precisely what Alexandra is contemplating as she takes a walk in the park, and accidentally kicks a stone at a handsome stranger.

And a taste of the story itself...

Alexandra Parkington kicked random stones into the greenery beside the red-cobbled walk with the toe of a shiny black side-button shoe. The mildly violent action gave her some measure of relief from the vexing issues in her mind—although not enough.

Not nearly enough. There was no way to avoid the inevitable. Perhaps she’d have to give in and…
Accept it? Never, not while a breath remained in her, not so long as she possessed the wits to run, not even if all the powers of Heaven and—
“I say, have you some valid reason for this assault, or are you simply using me for target practice?” The words caught Alexandra unawares, and she stopped short, her sapphire blue skirts rustling as they swirled around her ankles.
The gentleman who stood before her bent to rub his shin, giving her a satisfying, albeit brief, look at his thick black curls and wide shoulders. When he straightened, she saw that his features matched his voice. Boyish good looks, dazzling smile and a sturdy physique comprised the man whom she’d had the unfortunate bad taste to mark with a stone. The offending rock lay on the ground between them, equal distance between Alexandra’s skirt and his polished shoes.
“A poor choice of weaponry on your part, if your intention was to kill me. But if it were merely to maim, then this was an excellent selection.” He pushed the stone forward a scant inch with his toe before bending to retrieve it. Tossing it into the air, and then catching it, he smiled. “So, which was it? Death or disarming? Because I assure you, Miss, I am completely disarmed by your charm, if not your projectile.”
I hope you'll take a look at Finally, This Season. And if you do read it, please let me know what you think of it. I love hearing from readers!

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