Saturday, July 14, 2007

New "kid" checking in.

This is my first post and I'm happy to be associated with TWRP and all you members. I have a short story that falls into the Vintage Rose line and Miniature Rose in length, about 6500 words. As soon as my editor tells of the editing that it needs then it will be coming out. I'll let you know and will be looking forward to any comments or opinions you have on it. My editor assures me that being a male author and writing from the viewpoint of a man will not be a problem. I've worried about that and I know Nicholas Sparks has certainly made a go of that but then I certainly don't claim to be a Nicholas Sparks.
My story is entitled Lab Partners and takes place in the 1950s. Here is a brief summary.

Leroy Doyle, a chemistry major and track star, is bordering on scholastic probation due to poor math grades during his freshman year. He doesn't need a girl friend to distract him from his studies and has no intention of seeking one. Well, those intentions go out the window the first day he meets Jody Stinson, a sophomore chemical engineering major and the smartest student in the sophomore class. She is arrogant, beautiful, and non responsive to Leroy's friendliness. This serves to fuel his interest in her especially since they are lab partners in their qualitative analysis lab. She makes it clear she has no desire to socialize with him. Leroy tries to tell himself it is for the best but he cannot convince himself.

Let me give you a short excerpt which I gave to TWRP.

"Hi, I'm. . ."
"You going to be late for every lab?" She asked as he placed his books near hers.
"Leroy Doyle," he said, extending his hand for a shake. She ignored it, maintaining a scowl.
"I'm hoping my literature professor will allow me to leave class five minutes early the day we have lab. Smith Hall is a long way." Leroy gave up and withdrew his offer for a hand shake.
"I'm not interested in your excuses. I'm only partnering with you because Doctor Braddock insists everyone have a partner," Jody said, staring at him with her piercing brown eyes.

There you have it and my first post. See you next time.

Larry Hammersley


Mia Romano said...

Welcome Larry!

Allie Boniface said...

Welcome to TWRP!!

Larry Hammersley said...

Mia: Thanks for the welcome. I had to laugh at your story about the teacher jerking you out to the hall for punishment for writing a story. Of course it wasn't funny at the time I'm sure. Yes, avoiding hallways would be good.
Allie: Thanks for welcoming me to TWRP. Glad to see you're a runner. So am I. In fact I have a 5K tomorrow July 21st. I'm getting slower. Would being 69 have anything to do with it? I won't admit that.

I have accepted the edits of my editor and will have my story on the site soon.