Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My editor just sent me the cover of my short story, my first contribution to our beloved Press. It will be released as soon as I see the galleys and okay that. I'm hoping I did the magical computer key pressing to get the cover into my blog posting. Sorry to be so much of a plebe.
I'm excited about seeing my story available out on the Wild Rose Press site. It is in the Vintage Rose line, Minature Rose length of 6500 words. Let me give you a description a bit different than my first and only other post.

Leroy Doyle, a chemistry major and track star, is in grade trouble after flunking calculus in his second semester freshman year. He wishes for brains like Jody Stinson who his chemistry major friends don't like. They describe her as arrogant and frigid, terms they feel are too kind for her. Leroy refuses to judge anybody that harshly. Well, wouldn't you know, he winds up with Jody as a lab partner in their sophomore qualitative analysis class. Despite her sharp remarks and unwillingnesss to socialize with him, he strives to get along with her. In fact, he can't get his mind off Jody, even at the end of the first day they met. A hard workout at the track does his body good but not his mind. The physical exhaustion fails to free his mind of Jody. He's hooked and labors to win her heart. Let me give you a different excerpt than I gave earlier, one that will make you like Jody a bit more than that first excerpt.

One day in lab Doctor Braddock approached Leroy and Jody.
"The two of you are doing so well in lab that I'm going to have to make a change."
"You're not going to split us up are you. . .Professor?" Leroy quickly asked. Boy, he lost control there. Jody stared at him. He blushed.
"Don't get you Bunsen burner out of whack, Doyle. I'm going to give the two of you separate unknows. No collaboration. You'll continue to share glassware and chemicals. I need to know it you're as good alone as you are partnering." With that, he gave them separate unknowns with the stipulation they finish in the regular lab time.
"Well, this will be a time crunch," Leroy exclaimed.
"What's the matter? Don't you think you're up to the task?" Jody asked.
"Well, there's one way to find out." Leroy realized the barbs had been resharpened.
He finished his unknown with five minutes to spare, Jody finishing a few minutes before him. Doctor Braddock looked at their results and gave them both an A. As they walked into the brisk November air, Leroy closed his coat collar tighter to shut out the wind. Jody's hair was longer and it spread neatly on the fur collar of her coat, appealing to him.
"I suppose you'd like to use the B-word to describe me. You know, the word applied to female dogs?"
"I would never use a word like that to describe you," Leroy said, wondering if she cared how he would describe her.
"It doesn't matter anyway," she said.
"I'd be really ticked off if I heard somebody call you that, if that matters to you." She didn't comment so he continued. "There are two B-words I would use to describe you though."
"Oh, and what would those words be? Again, I don't know why I care."
"I'd like to tell you those two words over a milk shake at Benny's this evening."
"You've been bugging me all semester for that shake. Why is that so important to you?"
"I'll answer that over the shake too, and this is only the fifth time I've asked you."
"You've been keeping track?"
"Sounds like it, doesn't it?" We can study too. It's quiet at Benny's in the evening and deserted. We won't consider it a social outing or date since we'll be studying too."
"All right. What time?" Jody sighed.
"What time, before I change my mind."
"Seven. The evening meal crowd will be gone."

There you have it. Longer than I intended.
Thanks Mia and Allie for your welcome comments.
Mia, stay out of those hallways.
Allie, I'm a runner too.
Until next time. Larry


Lynette said...

Congratulations on your upcoming release, Larry. Have you read any Karen Rose books? She has some sort of background in chemistry and includes this in some of her novels.

Nathan said...

Do you know Benny's is a grocery store in Wild Rose Wisconsin? Do you know delores? She is such a bith to the young ones that work there. I wish jeanette would fire her or at least say something to her.