Sunday, August 31, 2008

Celebrate Labor Day!!

If you have Monday off for Labor Day, as many of us do in the U.S, I have a suggestion for how to spend your time! Celebrate the WORKING CLASS!!

As I've grown older, what I find sexy has really changed. Yeah, the eye candy is nice, but if the bum won't get out and bring home the bacon, what good is he?!

With that in mind, I present to you my new release, The Jinx, which celebrates hard working and all around nice guy, Rick Braswell. Rick is a plumber. He has a good work ethic and a little bit of bad luck. But it all works out in the end. And that's why I LOVE ROMANCE!!!

Here's an excerpt from The Jinx:

“Are you…?”
“The plumber? Yes ma’am, I am.”
When Ellen stood there staring at him from behind
the door, he shifted his tool box from his right to his left
hand. “Can we hurry this up?”
Ellen stepped back, opening the door all the way.
Rick saw that the woman was wearing a thin summer
robe, peach in color. Her light brown hair was damp
around her face. Several wet strands touched the front of
her robe right at her shoulder. The rest of her hair must
have been pulled up somehow. Her face and exposed skin
all the way down to the apex of her robe front were
flushed. She glistened from what Rick was pretty sure
was bath water. Though the robe covered her, it also
clung to her as if she had put it on while her body was
still wet. Oh, man.
‘Well, you see,” she explained as if Rick had all night
to listen. As if he would listen. Not when her hot body was
available to be stared at and drooled over.
“I was taking a bath, and I always put my ring on the
side of the tub. When I stepped out, I knocked over the
shampoo bottle, which must have knocked the ring into
the tub, too. But I didn’t notice until I started looking for
it, and most of the water had gone down the drain, so I
called you.”
Rick guessed she was nearly a C cup when she wore
a bra, which was certainly not on presently. Oh, yes. Rick
realized the woman had finished talking. He surmised she
had been telling him about the lost ring. Or she might
have been telling him the weather report. He didn’t know.
Enough of the ogling. Nice as it was to see a luscious
young body in person, Rick wasn’t into casual sex. He
knew it was time to get to work.
“Where’s the bathroom?”
Ellen showed him where it was. As Rick followed her
through the house, a fragrant scent greeted him. Flowers.
She smelled like the wisteria that grew outside of the
window at his office. The sweet smell wrapped itself
around him like a blanket as he entered the bathroom.
The air was moist and thick, and Rick sucked in a lungful
of air because he felt as if he were suffocating. Every glass
surface was clouded. Good grief! How hot had the water
been in which this woman bathed? It’s a wonder she
hadn’t boiled herself like a lobster!
A vaporous apparition of her taking a bath in this tub
only very recently invited itself into his brain. The image
sharpened and filled Rick’s head in Technicolor. He swore
he heard a dainty splash of water against supple skin. A
trickle of sweat ran down his forehead, and he reached his
arm up to wipe his face with his sleeve. He should have
called Carl. Why hadn’t he called the plumber on duty?

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