Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hi Therei

I am new to blogging, but I gather it is just another form of talking, and I sure can do that. It is a pleasure to be aboard such an innovative writing train, and hope to come to know a few of you better. I have a question about all this 'join this group', and 'sign up for this blog' hoo haw. Is there a guide so I can make certain I have dotted all the 'i's and crossed the proverbial 't's? Something simple and easy to fit into a busy day of writing, nursing and playing bluegrass (oh, and taking care of a family)? I am a bit overwhelmed at the 'duties' that seem to come with being a newly-accepted author on this site, but I am a quick study. Just need a better and tighter manual is all. Thank you so much for your help on this one. My email is, and you can send me some kind of answer there.

Thanks a heap

Gloria Jean (newbie)
Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada


Clover Autrey said...

Hi and welcome, Gloria Jean. Where is Elliot Lake in Ontario?

Kaylea Cross said...

Hi Gloria Jean. I'm a fellow Canuck myself, and new to blogging. Check out the Yahoo blog sites, and make sure you belong to TWRP reader and author loops. I write for Crimson Rose, and just had my first release on Friday, Out of Her League. I'm at number 7 on the bestseller list, though I'm not sure what that means in terms of sales. What line do you write for? If I can help with anything else, just let me know.
Kaylea Cross

Lyn said...

Hi Gloria Jean

I'm a 'Brit' and have had my first full length published on Friday, although I am thrilled to also be one of the authors of the 'Muse' series. I write fantasy and futuristic. It's always good to meet a new rose in the garden.

(Hywela Lyn)