Saturday, August 30, 2008

Passion at an Exhibition; a great review and up for Book of the Week!

PLUS it's up for Book of the Week! I hope you'll vote for me or one of our other two Roses at
Voting takes place this weekend only!

Here's just a touch of what Snapdragon has to say:

"Instead of Historical romance, read Hysterical romance! In "Passion at an Exhibition", Tori Anne's humorous approach to women and their empowerment is less about The Vote than one might imagine!


Tori Anne has created an amazing, surprising, titillating story in the midst of a very unusual background. The window to the past is more like a frank window to passion. I give 4.5 books for this beautifully written, beautifully crafted - and crafty tale. Every surprise is more than the last... and quite a few of the scenes are... just plain Wow."

Wow indeed! Thanks Snapdragon! Hope you'll cast a vote! (my book is about suffrage, after all *s*)

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Jennifer Johnson said...

Wow! Tori. The cover's fantastic! All right, I'll see about the vote.