Sunday, August 31, 2008

Free Read and new review

I have a free read coming out soon with Wild Rose. No release date yet, but hopefully soon. Its title is Buddy's 12-year Crush. I was notified of a review via email of my second release from Wild Rose which is entitled End Of A String. Fallen Angels did the review and gave me three of their angel symbols. I'm really glad somebody read my story and reviewed it. Since I couldn't get the link to work I typed out the review below.
Slim Canton risks losing his college scholarship due to poor grades. He begrudges having to dress up and spend his much needed study time entertaining sorority girls at a residence dinner. This irritation evaporates when he finds out one of his tablemates is the beautiful Natalie Adams. Unfortunately, she treats him terribly, putting him down, and scowling at him throughout the meal.
He's surprised when the top engineering student offers to tutor him in calculus, one of his worst subjects. Time together thaws her icy demeanor. He asks her out roller skating. She says yes. Slowly, he finds himself falling in love. This concerns him as he feels the boyfriend bouncing Natalie is one misstep away from saying good-bye.
End of a String is a sweet look at a boy's first romance during the 1950's. Author Larry Hammersley sprinkles the story with historical references, solidly grounding readers in that world, while capturing the heart lifting yet often irrational experience of young love.
As with many first romances, Slim's attraction to Natalie is primarily physical. Natalie is a difficult character to like. She is sullen, blunt, and often rude to Slim. Even her intelligence, which should be an asset, intimidates him. Yet our charming hero would slay dragons if he could for her. I loved Slim so much as a character, I wished for him a more worthy first love.

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