Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Soon to be Released

I'm excited to announce another of my rosettes for the White Rose line will be coming soon.

Here is a blurb for Lasting Love for the Easter line

When Vermont florist Abbey Jordan’s nursery manager quits a few days before Easter, she is left up the proverbial creek without a paddle. But when she places it in God’s hands, she finds lasting love in a garden of roses.
Brady Jones has a daughter to raise, is out of work, and knows more about cultivating roses than anyone in the state of Vermont. And when Abbey meets him and hires him as the horticultural manager of her Victorian floral shop, it seems like the answer to her prayers. But just on the brink of a budding romance, a fire destroys the nursery and buries all hope of love. Will their passion spark and resurrect – or stay unlit beneath the burning bed of ashes?

Thanks for reading.

Sharon Donovan

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