Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Captive Bride - New Historical Romance in the Garden

Kidnapped at the altar on her wedding day by masked men and whisked away up into the mountains, Abigail O'Sullivan fears for her life. She recognizes her kidnapper--an Indian boy she fell in love with years ago, just before they were torn apart.

Davy Larson seeks revenge for his father's murder. When he discovers that Abby's father now owns his land, he seeks answers to his questions, and to get those answers, he takes something Samuel O'Sullivan cherishes--his daughter.

Reunited under dangerous circumstances, can Abigail care for a man who wants to take her father's life? Will Davy's feelings and desire for his long-lost love withstand the taboos of society? Or can their love be captured for all time?


He grabbed her arms and pulled her to her feet. “Take your dress off.”

His words sparked life into her. Her blue eyes darkened. “No. I won’t.”

“You take it off, or I’ll do it for you.” He stepped closer.

“You wouldn’t dare! My father—”

“Isn’t here. Now take off the dress.”

She backed up. “What are you going to do?”

While Davy really wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her until she was warmed from head to toe, and then kiss every other part of her, he merely shook his head. “Don’t worry. I’d rather lay with a she-wolf than an O’Sullivan.”

Her eyes widened, and she lifted her chin a notch. “Why, you, you bastard!”

She balled her hand into a fist and swung at him, but he was ready. With a low laugh, he captured her fist. “Disappointed?”

Her blue eyes sparked blue fire, and she struggled to free her hand.

“Of course, I guess I could reconsider if you really wanted me to.” Her face turned a deep red, and he thought she would explode any second. He leaned over until his lips hovered inches above her. “Do you want me to reconsider?”

She said nothing, but her lips parted. The pink tip of her tongue licked her lips, sending ripples of awareness down the entire length of him. He wanted to kiss her, wanted to taste her lips, and caress every curve of her body, had wanted to for a long time, had even dreamed of it. But it would never happen. Especially after this. If he didn’t end up dead, he’d probably rot in a jail cell. Still, what was done was done. It was too late to change it. He’d made his decision, and now he had to live with it. 

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