Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Twice the Trouble - Contemporary romance in the garden

Lacey Carlyle has worked for years to create the perfect blend of home, business and family. Now she risks losing everything when the land she farms is bought by the man who abandoned her thirteen years ago.

Alex has never understood why Lacey walked away from him. Now, he holds the deed to her farm and intends to make her pay. The only problem - two kids weren't part of the plan.

Jenna and Jarrod may not see eye-to-eye but they are both determined to find happiness for their mom and keep their home safe. Can Lacey and Alex put their pasts behind them and embrace a future together?

Lacey let her legs dangle over the end of the dock. The pink twilight sky made the surface of the lake look like a sheet of lavender tinted glass. If she had to leave the Double J, the lake was what she’d miss most. She’d never lived in a place where she couldn’t see the water from her window. But she’d decided that if she did have to move, it would be to a new town. She’d make a fresh start. She’d go to a place where people didn’t know every detail of her past. Her kids shouldn’t have to hear gossip about her.

Jerrod was clearly ashamed of her. That had been the worst pain she’d ever experienced. Then, to solidify his low opinion of her, she’d struck him. She wished she’d never gotten out of bed that morning.

Alex’s footsteps sounded on the wooden planks’ but she didn’t turn around. She was too embarrassed. He sat on the corner of the dock with his back against the rail post, facing her right side.

“If you’re thinking of jumping in the lake to end it all, let me know in advance.” He stretched out his legs and crossed his ankles. “These shoes set me back a couple hundred bucks. I’d want a chance to take them off before I dive in after you. There’s also my wallet and cell phone to consider.”

Alex always could make her smile.

“I’ve never heard Superman complain about having his cape dry-cleaned,” she replied. “I’ve never seen Batman ask for time to remove his utility belt. The Incredible Hulk never asks for a safety pin. If you’re going to be a hero, you’ve got to be tough.”

Alex’s eyes widened. “So that’s who you’ve been dating since I’ve been gone.” 

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