Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Dreams of gold - new in the garden

Dreams of Gold
Linda Carroll-Bradd
Lawmen and Outlaws Series

Easterner Ciara Morrissey travels west to honor a sacred promise to her mother and locate her fortune-seeking father. Three years of acting as caretaker to her grandparents and mother until their deaths has created a thirst in Ciara to see what the wide world has to offer.

Sheriff Quinn Riley has been tracking the Irish charlatan who swindled half the population of Bull City, Wyoming. He's determined to stick close to the opinionated woman who arrived on the runaway stagecoach. Within only a few hours, she's got the town in an uproar by making inquires about his prime suspect. He's duty-bound to keep her safe, even when being close to the green-eyed beauty sets off a stampede in his heart.

Quinn glimpsed a flash of a well-shaped calf sheathed in a dark stocking and purple petticoats, and then a rounded bottom in green cloth filled his vision. He clasped hands around her trim waist and lifted her the remaining three feet to the ground. In case she was still shaky from the panicky ride, he allowed his hands to linger a bit longer. At least, that’s what he told himself.

“Thank you, sir.” Easing from his grasp, she turned and tugged down the hem of her jacket. “Where might I get that drink of water?”

Her hat tilted at a crazy angle, and waves of auburn hair hung around her face. Rather than unkempt, she appeared innocent and vulnerable. Like someone who needed his attention. He shook his head at the errant thought and gestured. “Uh, your hat is...”

“My hat?” She lifted her hands to where it should have been and then patted gently until she touched it. With a few movements, she tucked her hair under the hat and secured it atop her head. “I apologize for my disheveled appearance, Sheriff.” 

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