Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May Day Magic - new in the garden

May Day Magic

Beverly Breton

    Single mother and school nurse Diane Avery is on overload, too busy caring for her children and everyone else's to consider any TLC for herself. Her back seizes in front of hunky nursery owner Marc Stafford, and he rushes to her aid. Self-sufficient Diane laughs off the attention.
    After a divorce, with his son now heading to college, Marc Stafford is faced with an empty home and heart. Intrigued by the school nurse, Marc plans a May Day surprise to bring them together.
    Can Diane let Marc into her world? Can Marc find the courage to step out of his role of single father and bachelor? Will a simple tradition dedicated to flowers and affection bring the two together and set them on a path to love?

“Hey, Diane.”

She stilled for a moment, the husky male voice obliterating every other awareness. Wet tissue in hand, she turned.

Her dark-haired daydream stood leaning against the doorjamb of her office. A frisson of response at seeing him live in the flesh leaped through her. “Hey, Marc,” she said in a stage whisper. Raising a hand, she stepped toward her desk. “Come on in.”

Walking toward her, Marc beamed a smile that spread over her like the new floodlights on the football field. Her pulse kicked up.

His gaze centered on the sleeping boy, and he stopped.

“It’s okay.” She gestured him in and, incapable of concealing her pleasure, shot him a wide smile.

He stepped closer.

She caught his irresistible scent—fresh, outdoorsy, a hint of lime. If only she had a student file or something to occupy her hands. Was something developing between them? She wished she knew if she had a valid reason to become all thumbs and blushes.

She leaned against her desk, crossing one pink-polished foot over the other in a pose she hoped looked nonchalant. “How did your program go?” At least, her voice didn’t betray her, sounding level and nurse-competent. After years of doing the presentation, no doubt Marc had it down. His support of the community was a trait she loved about him.

Loved about him? She swallowed a gulp. OMG! Once again, impersonating a girl in middle school! She blinked, steeling herself not to react to the fracas in her brain. 

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