Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Help Sessions - New Vintage Romance in the Garden

Chemistry major Roy Jensen isn't looking for romance. He's having trouble with a difficult class and needs to get at least a high B to keep his advisor happy. When his all-male study group proves useless, he joins the brightest students, the only two women in class, for their study sessions. Heather Kallin is persuaded by her friend to help Roy but makes it clear to him she isn't interested in his attention. Sure, he's made an impression, from his friendliness to his extreme capability in the lab, but her trust in men was shattered once and she refuses to allow any two-legged male too close, ever again. Can Roy convince her his love is unconditional, no matter her secret?


“Excuse me, ladies, do you know where...” Roy began, but the blonde with perfect wavy hair, painted red lips, and a distracting figure accented by her tight-fitting sweater, interrupted him.

“Did you hear that, Heather? He called us ladies.” Heather, a tall slender redhead, adjusted her steel-rimmed glasses but remained focused on the p-chem problems set, not even looking up when Roy spoke. Her lips, full and sensual, remained curved downward.

“I’m looking for Willie. He’s the chem E. who sits next to me in lecture. Short, unruly black hair, horn-rimmed glasses—”

“And buck teeth. Yeah. I just saw him heading for the smart alecks, to join them.” The blonde pointed at the cubicle where Roy had just received his boot.

“Oh.” That dashed his last hope for help. 

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